Hi there,
I will introduce myself my name is Kobi I'm from Israel I'm running a youtube review channel if you want to learn more visit my channel:
I'm working with: Asmodus, Wismec, Desire design, Dotmod, Augvape...

The idea to gather 20 or more influencers together was born after I got an e-mail two weeks ago asking me whats going on with my Instagram page?
the answer was I don't have any... to be completely honest up until a week ago i didn't know what #Hashtag means. (I'm a late bloomer)
since I'm the owner and CEO at large tech company I went to our social media department and they helped me with my new Instagram account.

to make a long story short I will give you the list of the group requirements to check with you if you want to join in:
1. if a company decided to work with us ill ask them to send you their products sometime some may get it some not we all support each other during the campaign.
2. you will use all your social media skills to help grow our two main pages the group page @elitevapersgroup, @vaperscoil.
3.we will have a shared google drive folder you will get access to it and upload at least one unique pic a day, then we will post our shared content to @elitevapersgroup.
4. you must maintain your personal account alive and gain more followers any member of the group will help to make it happen.

Just to be clear there are no guarantees! I have the business plan I have the right contacts and I have a professional Social Media department for help and support.

it's a long run, not going to be easy, but I love challenges!
let me know if you're in ill send you further instructions.
Take care and good luck!